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Informational Packaging Portal Unipack.Ru is a Russian leading online resource where all information about Packaging, Printing, Machinery and Row materials is presented, including Companies & Products Catalogue, Trade Marketplace, News & Articles, Calendar of Events and PhotoGallery with advanced tool for searching packaging suppliers.

Why Advertise with Unipack.Ru?

  • Unipack.Ru is the largest Russian and CIS Internet source for packaging information
  • Unipack.Ru connects buyers and sellers of packaging products 24 hours a day and gives packaging suppliers the shortest way to reach its buyers
  • More than 800 companies have advertised with Unipack.Ru and estimated us as the most effective advertising source
  • Unipack.Ru is the most visited packaging site from the main searching engines
  • Unipack.Ru has the highest traffic in Russian and CIS Internet:
    • 10 000 unique visitors a day
    • 250 000 unique visitors a month
    • 2 000 000 unique visitors a year
    • 33 000 daily newsletter subscribers

Advertising in the Official newspaper of RosUpack 2016

Packaging leading internet portal Unipack.Ru ( is publishing the official newspaper of RosUpack 2016 (14-17 June 2016, Crocus Expo, Moscow)

The newspaper will be distributed free-of-charge on registration desk of RosUpack 2016.

Circulation of each Special Issue - 10000 printed copies + unlimited webversion. Format - A3, matt art paper.

We will also publish an internet version of the Special Issue on, which is visited by 200000 specialists monthly.
We have already published ten Special Issues for Rosupack, Upakovka/Upakitalia and Interplastika. They were successfully distributed amongst all visitors.
You can download all last Special Issues here.

Topics of the new Special Issue:

  • Articles about packaging materials, machinery…
  • Technological news
    new in packaging and packaging processing
  • Russian Packaging Market analysis
  • New marketing reports
  • Interview with packaging experts
  • Packaging production promo-reports
    and other materials

We offer you to publish your promo-article or advertisement on pages of the exhibition official newspaper.

Prices for advertising:

Layout format Size of advertising
layout, WxH, mm
Pages inside
Last page
(no margins)
590х415 - 4 660 -
(all inside pages, except pages with "no margin" advertisements)
height 20mm - 3 510 -
(no margins)
295x415 - 2 840 4 315
1/1 270х360 - 2 580 3 925
1/2 270х180 - 1 490 2 450
1/4 132х170 2 700 895 1 475
1/8 132х87 1 500 495 850
Spread 540х360 - 4 410 -
1/1 270х360 - 2 450 -
1/2 270х180 - 1 290 -

Cost for making advertisement layout (if required) – 15% (not less 50 Euro)


  • For our present clients – 5%
  • For advertising in previous newspapers – 5%
  • For prepayment in 2 future newspapers - 5%
  • For prepayment 3 month before the exhibition – 5%

For more information please contact us: [email protected], phone. +7(495) 232-0951, 232-0941, 232-0940, 232-6891, or Skype us

See more details about all advertising opportunities in Unipack.Ru here.

Advertising in Special Internet Project

Special internet project Rosupack is developed by the portal Unipack.Ru in partnership with the organising company MVK. Our special project gives the most detailed and actual information about the Rosupack trade fair.

Special Internet Projects Unipack.RuUnipack.Ru has successfully launched the following projects:

Every Project is being highly advertised on Unipack.Ru amongst our professional audience of 2 million people and 25000 subscribers. We focus on giving the members of Russian packaging industry market the comprehensive information about these exhibitions. We put together everything that can be useful for those who are going to visit the shows or just want to be abreast of the worldwide packaging trends: news, articles, analytics, information about the exhibitors and their specials for Russian market, trade fair and city guides and many other helpful things.

If your company is taking a part at one of these shows, you have an opportunity to present your company, company innovations and special offers at Unipack.Ru (2 million people annual internet audience) and at the project dedicated to this show (~10000 visitors monthly). All our clients, posted on Business mix tariffs in Unipack.Ru, can publish news which will be also published at the Special Project. All your information will be translated into Russian.

The Standart, Super and Maximum tariffs offer you maximum promotional opportunities throughout all sections of our portal Unipack.Ru: Catalogue 'Companies & Products' (rus+eng), News & Articles (rus+eng), Trade Marketplace (rus+eng), Product Gallery (eng).

Conditions of payment:
The first "trial" payment may be made for 6 months, next payment will be made for 12 months without registration fee.

Payment period

(185 Euro per a month)

(115 Euro per a month)

(90 Euro per a month)

6 months / Trial payment for new clients

incl. registration fee 95 Euro

1 205 Euro

785 Euro

635 Euro

12 months (with discount 10%)

incl. registration fee 95 Euro
(for new clients)

2 093 Euro

1 337 Euro

1 067 Euro

prolongation of the term

1 998 Euro

1 242 Euro

972 Euro

All information is placed both in English and Russian version. We can make free translation from English into Russian, if necessary.

You can regularly look through views statistics of your visiting card, adds on the "Trade Marketplace", news and press-releases.

For more information please contact us: [email protected], phone. +7 (495) 232-0951, 232-0941, 232-0940, 232-6891, or Skype us

Banner advertising in one of the Special Project:

Banner place

Price per month

TOP, 100%х60 (all pages) 650
C1 468х60 (all pages) 425
C2 468х60 (except opened publications) 220
C3 468х60 (except opened publications) 120
P1 234x90 (all pages) 425
P1 234x234 (all pages) 650
P2 234x90 (all pages) 220
P3 234x90 (all pages) 120

See layout of banner places

We can help you to choose the right banner place focusing on audience interested in your product.
For more information please contact us: [email protected], phone. +7(495) 232-0951, 232-0941, 232-0940, 232-6891, or Skype us