Double feedback: packaging and food industries in one platform


Four from 10 and 40 from 100 that is 40% from the total number of Rosupak exhibition visitors (25 751 people) are interested in equipment and technologies of food and packaging industry.

Food industry is the main consumer and the customer of package that mainly influences development of the packing industry. Activity of many companies which are involved in manufacturing and sale of the packaging equipment and technologies, is focused on the food-processing industry enterprises. And on the contrary, the companies relating themselves to the food industry actively extend there presence in the packaging market. The correlation of two industries visually shows the segment of technologies for the food and processing industry at exhibition FOODMASH which will take place in June, 15-19th within the limits of exhibition ROSUPAK. International exhibition company MVK is the organizer and of this exhibition and Association Packmash is its support. 10 specialized salons cover the various spheres of manufacturing, processing, package and storage of foodstuff.

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Almost half of the amount of the ROSUPAK exhibition visitors are interested in premium packaging


There will be always something exclusive in the price as it always had been before. Everyone would like to possess a beautiful, exclusive thing. It is impossible to imagine premium goods without beautiful decoration of the package. The more refined and individual will be the approach to a packaging creation, the more successful will be the product.

Last exhibitions LUXPACK show that home producers have learnt how to make premium packaging better than in some countries. The victory of the Russian manufacturers of packaging in the competition Russian Grand Star (the Grand Star Russia), that took place together with LUXPACK, and competition "World Star", organized by the World packagers organization WPO prove this fact.

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GC Zolotoi Shar will participate in Rosupak/Upakmash


Upakmash 2009 will demonstrate the products from domestic and foreign manufacturers and suppliers of packaging equipment.

The ROSUPAK, constant exhibitor, GC ZOLOTOI SHAR supplies packaging materials, machines and production lines of such world famous brands as: HUGO BECK (Germany); SICHERA (Italy); GSP (Italy); SMIPACK (Italy); COMIPACK (Italy); GG (Italy); MAFO (Holland) and some others.

Gennady Pavlov, Director General of GC ZOLOTOI SHAR: We are going to participate in ROSUPAK 2009 and irrespective of the world economic crisis we are laying hopes on it. The key target of the show is attraction of new clients. Comparing the first and late Rosupak exhibitions we may see how the positions and client attraction tactics of the show has changed. Relations with clients have become warmer and careful on the competitive market. The manufacturers try to listen to their clients, grasp the developing production tendencies and supplement the equipment line. At the very beginning we used to offer the simplest thermo-packaging machines. But now they are packaging complexes for a wide range of products. We take a good from the production technological line, and turn it out packed in a bloc, box or pallet. The service has become more rapid and varied. We also offer design works of new production facilities and update of the existing ones.

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Growth territory. Rosupak: past, present, future


In January release of Packaging R&D, one the most popular magazines in Russia about a packaging market and the constant partner of an exhibition ROSUPAK there will be an article Growth expansion. Rosupak: past, present, future.

This article tells about a current situation in the industry and the new tasks that this year exhibition faces. Now the priority tasks for manufacturers and supply contractors of packaging technologies are the sales support and search for new sales markets. That is why in 2009 the main tasks of ROSUPAK exhibition are exhibitors sales support and their access to new sales markets. What are the organizers doing for this purpose? Since November, 2008 there is a systematic promotion of an exhibition in the Internet, new services are being developed for exhibitors and visitors, image of the exhibition is renewed, project promotion is being conducted through foreign and Russian representations of MVK, and also through specialized associations and the unions, the powerful business program is being developed.

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Emphatic Success of Rosupak-2008


On June 27 the exhibitions Rosupak, Foodmash, Logistics and Warehousing (Organized by MVK International Exhibition Company, and co-organizer of Logistics and Warehousing - Mizunov Media Group). Over 900 companies from 30 countries showcased top technologies and consumables for packaging production, packaging of glass, plastic, paper, cardboard, aluminum and other material.

The show is both the platform for demonstration and networking, Vladimir Chouikov, the President of ROSUPAK, said at the closing ceremony. The debut of the business forum Strategic challenges for the Russian packaging market was relevant for the show. We are going to improve the forum, Andrei Zagorsky, the President of the National Packaging Confederation, was quoted saying.

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